Longstanding chairman of the supervisory board and mentor to Welland & Tuxhorn AG passes away

Professor of Law Dr Wolfgang Schlüter passed away on 3 October 2021.

Following its takeover by Otto Spindler in 1969, he continued working tirelessly until the day of his death to provide the company Welland & Tuxhorn with comprehensive guidance, successfully growing it, structuring it and helping it to remain adaptable to changing requirements.

He was able to do so both in his function as lawyer and notary, and as a member of the advisory board of the limited partnership (KG) and, in later years, as a member of the supervisory board and chairman after Welland & Tuxhorn became a public limited company (AG).

Dr Schlüter had a special ability to identify both the technical and economic expectations that a manufacturer of special valves needs to satisfy and to reconcile and coordinate the responsibilities this involves with the company’s customers, shareholders, management board, staff, and banks. This ability consistently gave executive management the leeway necessary to make and implement those decisions that were relevant to the international operative business.

This means that he played a decisive role in steering the economic and structural growth of the company from 2008 on, also shaping the transition to the new generation of owners following the death of Ms Marlis Spindler in 2013. Even recently, Dr Schlüter still maintained an active interest in developments, which allowed him to make a decisive contribution to developing and implementing a continuity-based succession plan for the management board of the AG.

His achievements for the company and his contribution to its successful growth over the last 50 years will have a lasting effect long into the future. His legacy will live on in the solid foundations he built – ones that will allow the company, which can look back on a 120-year history, to continue to thrive. This legacy will now be upheld by the next generation of the family that owns the company, as well as his son, Dr Harald Schlüter, who will succeed him as chair of the supervisory board, and the new board member Dr Martin Wienströer, among others.



Created by: Bettina Kaffka Back