New member of the board

Dr. Martin Wienströer is as of now the new member of the board of Welland & Tuxhorn AG


The Chairman of the Board of Welland & Tuxhorn, Mr. Dierk von Nordheim, will enter his planned retirement on 31 December 2021. As part of an orderly handover, Dr. Martin Wienströer has been appointed to the Executive Board as a further member as of 1 May 2021.

From 1992, Mr. von Nordheim was managing director of Welland & Tuxhorn GmbH & Co. KG. Under his management, the successful conversion to a stock corporation took place in 2002. Mr. Martin Wienströer holds a doctorate in engineering and worked in the automotive industry for almost two decades in various management positions before he was appointed to the board of Welland & Tuxhorn AG. Until further notice, Welland & Tuxhorn AG is represented by Dierk von Nordheim (Chairman of the Board) and Dr. Martin Wienströer (Member of the Board).