Electric rotary actuators

Actuators are used for automating control valves in all kinds of process engineering system.

A rotary actuator transmits torque to the control valves for at least one complete turn. The torque is the force of a rotary motion which is transmitted via the fastening flanges and connecting elements, expressed in Nm (newton metres).


Design principle

Rotary actuators are designed so that the rotary output motion is a multiple of a 360° turn.
Rotary actuators are primarily used for control valves where the rotary motion of the actuator is converted via a spindle to the linear motion required for the valve.


You can select electric rotary actuators according to your specifications or we can suggest them.

Advantages of Welland & Tuxhorn rotary actuator systems

  • Robust design
  • High ingress protection class
  • Wide torque range
  • Fine graduation of output speeds
  • High starting torque
  • Any installation length
  • Simple commissioning
  • Low maintenance